Thursday, February 05, 2009

No Explanation Should Be Necessary

Given the concept of free speech and the inalienable right of the blogger to spout crap, I should never have to justify anything I say here. This is MY soap box, and if you don't like what I have to say then you can always.... well, I guess you know what you can always do.... ;o)

However, following some "feedback" I received via Twitter following yesterday's post I thought I would clarify something.

I am not a racist. I am not a bigot. Anyone who knows me well knows that. Anyone who THINKS they know me via a few 140 character Tweets or the odd blog post here should probably put their brain into gear before attacking me. Read yesterday's post again....carefully this time....

I am NOT anti-gay. I am NOT anti-muslim. I am NOT even anti-Milton Keynes.

What I AM is anti-PC. This wave of "political correctness" which has swept the UK will be the death of British culture, if such a thing exists any more. Positive discrimination never works, and yet we see it practised time and time again in Britain now as "minorities" (often not that minor, in reality!) are given preferential treatment over the masses, and the authorities cave in left and right in an attempt not to offend them - rewriting laws, rewriting books, even rewriting history wherever it is deemed "offensive" or too "pro-British". THAT was the point of yesterday's post.

It upsets me that we have to watch what we say at every turn. It upsets me that certain groups can appropriate words that once were perfectly innocent - to have aspirations to be a "gay batchelor" these days has very different connotations to when our parents were young. And apparently we can no longer sing about "baa baa black sheep" or tell stories about "three little pigs" for fear of upsetting some ethnic group or another. I will leave you to figure out which....

What is being forgotten these days is that tolerance is supposed to work both ways. The great "multicultural society" experiment which has consumed governments for the past few decades has proved, like communism, to be a total failure. MULTI-culturism will never work - the old ideal of the "melting pot" only works if everything in the pot does indeed melt, infusing the separate ingredients with elements of each other to achieve a harmonious whole - a tasty stew, if you will, rather than a hodge-podge of separate ingredients which nobody likes.

And this means that we cannot simply subvert or jettison our heritage for the convenience of others. Songs and stories should be allowed to survive, but put into some sort of historical context for the children of today in order to highlight WHY such things became offensive over time and why it might no longer be appropriate to use them. Classics which have survived generations should not suddenly be re-written to eliminate non-PC words or phrases - but people should be educated as to why they must no longer be used in polite society.

Is that naive of me? Maybe - children in the school yard will always discover something they think is offensive and use it, but they will get that from the internet these days, not from reading Enid Blyton. So is it really necessary to butcher or ban Enid Blyton in order to satisfy the cravings of a few PC-Nazis (oh, damn, am I still allowed to talk about Nazis?)

At the end of the day, it is my firm belief that (a) the vast majority of "normal" people never actually recognise the offensive nature of these things, and (b) the vast majority of those people who are SUPPOSED to be offended by them never actually are.

It is down to that smallest minority of all, the PC-censors, to tell the rest of us what we should be ashamed of, and then go about imposing the most ridiculous of changes in response.

And you know what I have also noticed? That those shouting the loudest about the scandalous slur against Milton Keynes residents never actually live in Milton Keynes....


And whilst on the topic of discrimination and tolerance, how about this story. Only 116 years to integrate the sexes.

Those uppity women. What next - the vote?

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