Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sinsans Walk

Another month has passed and it's time once again for Bryan's monthly walk in the rain.... except that today it's not raining!

It is, however, ankle deep in mud at the beginning of the walk around Sinsans, which just means that the numerous dogs which have joined us on today's walk get the chance to jump up at everyone with muddy paws and knock them over.... oh the joy!

With 6 dogs in evidence it is quite a pack event at the front, with some jostling for position and supremacy, interspersed with some attempted shagging of Minnie by Harry - much to the annoyance of Max (Minnie's boyfriend/life companion). Boo and Scruffy, meanwhile, eschew mingling with other dogs in favour of much more interesting stuff like chasing passing cyclists - much to the annoyance of the passing cyclist!

The weather is superb, the walk is well researched, and a good time is had by all, but particularly Harry who turns up in the back of the car at the end covered in mud!

Forgive the quality of the photos - I only had my iPhone with me. Roll on summer for the new iPhone and let's hope they beef up the camera to 5 mega-pixels rather than the speculated 3.2.

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