Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Gods Of golf Are Angry

Yeah verily, should any golfer have the temerity to assume that just because he didn't suck totally in a game that he might actually be making progress, the gods will smite and smite and bend his putter. And then smite some more.

And they smote today, and yeah I am repentant and vow never again to let myself believe that I might actually be able to hit a ball in a straight line or clear that hazard looming across the fairway. Amen.

A terrible score (50) on the front 9 today, made to look better than it could have been by the par 4 ninth: a 250 yard drive, soaring second shot landing on the green and a 30 foot putt for a birdie. Sweet!

Back 9 was not quite as disastrous, with a 48. When I look at the score card, it wasn't actually that bad. Most of the holes were bogeys (which is good for me, don't forget!), with the odd double-bogey which can't be helped when you are as crap as I am. But it was the three triple bogeys which wrecked things for me - 6 extra strokes in those 3 holes are not easy to recover from.

Gotta get my putting under control, and next time a sacrifice at the altar of the great god Titleist, I think.

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