Friday, March 20, 2009

Harry Plays Golf

It has been a long time since we took Harry with us when playing golf.

We used to do it when we first started but some people behind us once complained that we were spending more time walking the dog than playing golf. We didn't, it's just that we were so crap at golf at the time that we took forever to get past the par 5's and Harry got the blame. Rather than risk the ire of other members of the club, we stopped taking him.

Problem is, if we don't take him, we have to walk him before we go play (1+ hours), then we play golf (3-4 hours), then we have to calm him down when we get home and walk him again - the last thing we feel like doing after 18 holes.

If, however, we take him with us, he gets a 4 hour walk around a beautiful golf course, and we get one tired puppy when we get back home - everyone wins. That, plus the picture above is how he looks at us as we leave the house dressed for golf - there is only so much of that you can take really...

So we decide to take advantage of the lighter mornings and good weather to get to the golf course for 7.30 and we set off with the mutt in tow. Well, not so much "in tow" as hurtling around the first tee and then dashing between us up and down the first fairway.... thank goodness there is no one else around to see. He soon calms down and restricts his mischief to standing on Lynne's ball when she is trying to putt. By the 10th hole he is knackered and the rest of the round he traipses behind us doing the doggy equivalent of "are we there yet?" every 10 seconds.

We are finished by 11.30 and stop by the 19th hole for a bite to eat. On the way out, Harry spots a large female pooch of indeterminate race, but who probably weighs around 50KG. As Harry passes by, said pooch shows an interest, and promptly pulls the poor lady holding him over the back of her chair and drags her along the ground in her haste to make Harry's acquaintance.

Probably be a while before we dare take him again.....

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