Monday, March 30, 2009


For those of you not following on Facebook or FriendFeed while I was away, you will have missed the pictures I posted.

Here they are again, plus a few additional ones.

I didn't manage to take the Canon DSLR with me on any trips out, since I was taking more video than stills this year. For that, I am using the new Toshiba Camileo P30, which has the distinction of fitting in your pocket (so great for skiing), and yet taking full wide-screen 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second and 5 megapixel stills.

With a 5x optical zoom and macro, low light and backlight modes, it can cope with most situations, and it made a great job of the snowscapes, as you can see. Everything is recorded to SDHC cards (stick to Class 2, it can't handle anything higher), and a 4GB Class 2 SD card (which cost me $1 plus shipping on eBay!) will hold over an hour of 1080p video and several hundred 5MP stills. All this for 180 Euros! Check it out on Amazon. The only problem I found was that it is slow to refocus when zooming (especially in movies), but at that price you can't have everything!

So most of the pics were taken on this camera, but if you notice some in the slide show with poor resolution, they were taken on the iPhone (2MP). Here's hoping Apple give us a significant boost to the camera capabilities (5MP please! Plus video!) when the new iPhone is released in the summer.

Fab vacation with some great weather and skiing for the first couple of days. After that it snowed quite heavily, which only kept us off the slopes for a day, but the high temperatures (it was 25 deg C at the top of the mountain some days!) meant the pistes stayed soft and slow after that.

Still, we all had a great time, especially Harry (his first holiday without Benson) who adores the snow and went potty once we had the heavy snow fall. Now I just have to lose the weight gained from all that melted cheese!

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