Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bending The Rules And The Truth

It is very important to us at NSS to ensure that we are scrupulously fair and impartial when it comes to running our public group tests and presenting the results. We take great pains to ensure that the test data is accurate and is reflected correctly in the finished reports on our Web site - reports that go through countless levels of peer review before they are published.
There are also some very strict guidelines all vendors must follows when reusing our reports and results in their own marketing efforts. For example, they are not allowed to alter our words, put words in our mouth, or change our graphics or the way we present results. And they are not allowed to say things like “NSS Labs says the AwesomeSauce 2000 is way better than the Craptastic 8 when it comes to blocking bad stuff in your network,” or “NSS Labs Ranks The Balloonicorn 8180X3cV1.23 Build 33 Number 1 In The Entire Universe.
Because, when all is said and done, we didn’t! Did we?
Which is why it pains us greatly when vendors take liberties with our stuff. Like, say, reproducing the latest SVM graphic from our NGFW report and…. wait for it… removing the data points of its competitors. Surely no one would do that, would they?
Well, just in case they did, here is what the graphic should look like in all its unadulterated, unmodified glory. Just in case, you know, you should happen to come across another (unauthorized and unapproved!) version out there on the Interwebs.
So here you go….
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